Book Reviews

Doc Wallace,

"One of those rare books that chronicles a walk of faith in modern times. We all know about the giants from faith’s past, but what about today, who is living the life of the Holy? Clare Fletcher takes us through the reality of today and proves as did Job so many thousands of years ago that a person can remain faithful to God through whatever trial or trouble may come into one’s life. In the book she teaches the main ingredients for gaining victory; therefore, read, apply, and experience victory in your life."

Marlene Loutan,

"Born to Walk by Faith is very inspirational and once you read it you are left with more encouragement and renewed faith."


"I was amazed at how gripping Clare's journey has been. I could not stop reading, but the truth is, I am moved at how obedient and strong this woman is. This is great strength, but Clare is very clear that her strength and even her faith to pursue him in obedience does not come from herself, but from the Lord. Her intimacy is what brings her in deeper. If anything is clear about this book, it is that her intimacy with the Lord is real and it can be real for us as well. This is a mystery that God wants to reveal to us all, only if we are open to the invitation. The door is there to receive the faith and miracles which are documented in the book, and we will find that his love will comfort us every step of the way. I am very inspired with her account and I feel it has stretched me while imparting strength. It was an honor to be able to read it and it really blessed me. Thank you, Clare, for revealing your journey with all of us."

Deanna Ballard,

"Have you ever been through a very difficult event or seemingly never-ending series of difficulties in your life? Do you long for an answer to 'why is this happening?' and 'when will I get past this?'. So did the author of Born to Walk by Faith. No matter what your difficult circumstance may be Born to Walk by Faith will change the way you see yourself and the unexplained events in your life. The author shares with you the key to finding peace, happiness and joy amidst those difficulties."